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Which is the best 6” Diesel Pump to use in Qatar?

With over 14 years’ experience in Qatar doing overpumping, pipeline flushing and pump rental in Qatar, and more than 3,000 international projects to our name, we have the expert knowledge and experience to help you choose the best 6″ Diesel pump for the job.


Whoever you ask, you will get a different answer:

  • If you ask a Supplier or Salesmen, they will tell you the pump they want to sell you.
  • If you ask a Hire Company, they will tell you the pump they have in stock.
  • If you ask a Project Manager, he will want the cheapest.
  • If you ask a Quantity Surveyor, he will want the pump which uses the least fuel.
  • If you ask a Foreman, he will want the pump that doesn’t breakdown.

Essentially there is more to choosing the best diesel pump for use in Qatar than first meets the eye. WJ Qatar are experts at helping you find the right rental pump for the job.


If you ask WJ Qatar which 6″ Diesel Pump Rental is the best, we will ask you the following:

  • What are you pumping?
    • Clean water, ground water, sewage
  • What is the expected and peak flow?
  • What is the suction lift?
  • What is the head of water being pumped?
  • Is it occasional or constant pumping?
  • Are you pumping Offshore?
  • Where is the pump required?
  • Will the pump be monitored?
  • What is the duration?

Once we have considered the details that are specific to your project, we can help you make an informed decision and choose the best 6″ Diesel pump. WJ Qatar have a wide range of rental pumps available, all year round, to suit most requirements.

Get in touch online today to chat with one of our experts, or call +974 4418 6349.



Dan CarpenterWhich is the best 6” Diesel Pump to use in Qatar?
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