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Automated Diesel Pumps available for the Qatar Rainy Season

In preparation for Qatar’s Rainy Season, WJ Qatar are pleased to supply a range of automated pumps, set-up for auto-starting.


How do our automated diesel pumps work?

  1. When water levels rise in stormwater manholes and chambers a float switch or pressure sensor (piezo) will send a signal to the pump’s control panel.
  2. The pump will start automatically.
  3. The pumps control panel will send an automated SMS to our Technician’s and Control Centre.
  4. A WJ Qatar pump Technician will immediately complete a visual on-site inspection and take the following actions:
    • Test the standby pump.
    • Update all interested parties on the location’s conditions.
    • Take a photographic record of the site conditions.
    • Inform Fuel Supply Team.
  5. As water levels recedes our pumps will automatically turn off.


What are the benefits of using auto-starting pumps in Qatar?

In addition to the significantly reduced risk of flooding, our new Qatar based range of automated diesel pumps offer significant time and cost savings. If required, 4G Trail Cameras can be installed in remote or inaccessible locations.


When can they be deployed?

These automated pumps are currently being rigorously tested for site operations and will be ready for rainy season deployment. We will be pleased to provide demonstrations to all interested parties.


Get in touch online today for more information from one of our experts, or call +974 4418 6349.

Dan CarpenterAutomated Diesel Pumps available for the Qatar Rainy Season
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