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Mohamad Ragab Press Release

We WJQatar are very pleased to announce that Mohammed Ragab has re-joined WJ Groundwater Qatar as our Sales and Business Development Manager. Mohammed’s primary objectives will be to build on our working relationships with existing clients, to introduce and develop new clients and markets and promote the new Rental Partnership with Xylem. Since joining Mohammed has been spending time with each department and managers to refresh his already extensive knowledge of hydrogeology, dewatering and pumping

He will be visiting you in the very near future, to discuss how we can work with you, how we can improve our services with the aim of being your preferred dewatering and pump rental company.

“It’s great to be back with #WJQatar, they have some impressive plans for business growth and pleased to part of this exciting chapter, they have a first-class team, they are investing in new plant and equipment and embracing technologies to ensure they stay at the forefront of dewatering and pumping”

Mohammed can be contacted at mohammedragab@wj-me.com


Dan CarpenterMohamad Ragab Press Release
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