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WJ Qatar Gold Hard Hat Awards 2022

We wish to congratulate and thank all the January winners for their hard work and dedication, it is a pleasure to present these awards for making a significant improvement to our Qatar operations.

The January 2022 Gold Hard Hat Award Winners are:

    • Shelvin Thomas – Best Engineer – Awarded for his cost saving initiatives, only ordering what is required, reusing pipework and site equipment whenever possible and superb interaction and communication with our clients.
    • Chandra Mohan Suppiah – Best Yard Operative – Awarded for the quality and quantity of his welding work throughout January, along with his proactive attitude to all tasks assigned to him.
    • Ganesalingam Thiyagaraja – Best Site Operative – Awarded for his hard work and dedication throughout January, managing his tasks in a timely and cost-effective manner and the respect and consideration he shows to his colleagues.

Awards will be presented each month during 2022 to staff who excel in their tasks. This could be cost and time saving initiatives, taking Health and Safety to the next level, best site records, client and colleague interaction, best improver, client recommendation, etc. At the end of the year the best of the best will be given a special award and an additional week paid leave in 2023.

And a special thanks to all the WJ Qatar staff for their hard work during this very busy period recently.

I look forward to receiving the nominees for the February awards.

Work smart and stay safe




Dan CarpenterWJ Qatar Gold Hard Hat Awards 2022
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